Precision CNC Turning Services of Brass Sprinkler Spindles for the Agricultural Industry

R.F. Mau Company has an industry-wide reputation for manufacturing high quality, high volume brass parts with speed and precision.

We’ve been a family owned provider of precision machining for over 77 years, shipping to customers worldwide who all take advantage of our ability to provide quality, value, and on time performance.

Our specialized skills were called upon to fabricate this brass fitting for a customer in the agricultural industry. On-time delivery was critical in order for them to meet an important production deadline.

Working from the customer-supplied drawing, we developed the manufacturing plan for this close-tolerance ASTM B16 brass component. The special thread form and the tight tolerances over the length of this product made it especially challenging. Our production team developed a strategy which combined high-speed machining rates with precision process controls to maximize production efficiencies. Additional secondary processes including milling and deburring confirmed we met all tolerances consistently, and the product was delivered on-time per customer requirements.

Our well-equipped facility allows us to flexibly arrange production to meet each of our customer’s needs. For more information about our flexible, accurate, and reliable screw machining services, contact us today.

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