Precision Screw Machining of Aluminum Rod Inserts High Voltage Transmission Application

This aluminum rod insert is designed for use as an electrical grid component in a high voltage transmission application.

At R.F. Mau Co., our processes are based on a team effort. For this project, our manufacturing manager assembled a cross-departmental team consisting of a tooling engineer, lead man, quality manager, and machine operator. The job is reviewed extensively to create a comprehensive layout which is used as a ‘road map’ for manufacturing. The production team layout is further used for first-article samples to be approved by customer’s engineering prior to going into production.

The challenge of this part involved the threaded, blind hole which required proper chip evacuation. First-article inspection confirmed that we had the proper tooling and processes in place to successfully execute high-speed machining while maintaining extremely close blueprint tolerances. Our unique vapor degreasing process further insured the ID specifications were held.

When it comes to the finer techniques of precision screw machining aluminum, our team approach and many years of experience gives us the expertise that less practiced machinists might find difficult. To learn more about this project, or how our skills can add value to your next project, contact us today.

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