Precision Machining of an ECO Brass (Lead Free) Water Metering Cartridge

The project part highlighted here was manufactured in response to a new federal mandate that takes effect in January 2014. The regulation states that all components that are in contact with drinking water must be manufactured from low lead and lead free alloys. At R.F. Mau Co., we take a proactive approach to issues that affect the industries we serve. This valve body, which is part of an industrial faucet assembly, fell squarely under this new regulation.

The material required for this product is CDA 693 lead free brass or ECO brass. This unique alloy, combined with the complex geometries and close tolerances of the valve body, presented a challenge to our production staff. However, the level of proficiency required to successfully produce this part is self-evident, and clearly demonstrates the type of precision machined component we specialize in.

The high-volume order was manufactured and delivered on-time, and is a prime example of why we are considered the machining leader in the relatively new field of ECO friendly, low leaded, and lead free brass fittings. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to machine it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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