Precision Screw Machining of Brass Faucet Aerators for the Plumbing Industry

At R.F. Mau Company, our precision screw machining services are widely used for high volume production of tight-tolerance parts that also require secondary finishing. We fabricated this faucet aerator, which also doubles as an adapter and aerator shell, for a customer in the plumbing industry. Our multi-spindle equipment enabled us to perform 6 separate machining operations – slotting, milling, forming, knurling, drilling, and boring – to rapidly manufacture the part. They were fabricated from CDA 360 FC brass to exacting tolerances throughout the production run.

First-article inspection confirmed that we met all of the customer’s quality control requirements. We completed the high-volume production per our customer’s request – on time and on budget.

This project highlights our vast array of machining capabilities, as it utilizes our unique ability to coordinate simultaneous operations at one time. Our ability to do this type of complex precision on a single machine keeps this long-time customer competitive in their respective markets. If you would like more information about this project or how our high speed screw machining services can benefit your part procurement process, contact us today.

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