Precision Screw Machining of Aluminum Alloy Inserts for a High Voltage Application

R.F. Mau Company’s skilled technical staff has in-depth knowledge of the tooling requirements for high-speed machining of aluminum parts. This capability, combined with state of the art equipment, won us the contract for manufacturing this aluminum fitting for a customer in the electrical industry.

Working from customer specifications, we machined these parts from aluminum alloy rod to provide the right level of corrosion protection for outdoor use. After machining, our automated cleaning system removed all traces of oil and chips to provide a spotless finish in accordance with customer cleanliness specifications. Both dimensional and gage inspections verified that the parts met all tight tolerance requirements.

Our fully-automated cleaning system means our customers receive 100% clean, spot-free parts. If you would like to learn more about how our expertise for high-speed machining of aluminum parts can benefit your next application, contact us today.

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