Precision Screw Machining of Brass Male Quick Disconnect Fittings for the Plumbing Industry

At R.F. Mau Company, we’ve been manufacturing precision screw machined components for over 77 years. As specialists in screw machining brass parts, no job is too complex.

A customer in the plumbing industry contracted us to fabricate the male quick disconnect fitting pictured here. After reviewing the customer drawing, our manufacturing team developed a multi-process manufacturing plan to cost effectively fabricate this complex part. This included accurately machining the orientation of hex flats and OD cross-holes with the internally milled ID square. This configuration of this part is quite unique; the internal mill operation and orientation parameters presented a challenge to our production team.

Working with CDA 360 brass, we executed turning, forming, threading, and boring operations to form the basic geometry of the work piece. Multiple secondary operations included CNC milling to achieve the intricate shape of the cross-holes. Our advanced equipment enabled us to maintain extremely close tolerances on designated specifications, confirmed by first article inspection, and delivered the high-volume order as requested.

R.F. Mau Co. personnel are trained to handle the most sophisticated parts. If you would like to learn more about this project, or how our screw machining services can enhance your specific application, contact us today.

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