Precision Screw Machining Services & Manufacturing of Parts & Components

Family owned and operated for more than 75 years, R.F. Mau Company specializes in the manufacturing of precision screw machined parts. Our facility is geared for rapid mid to high-volume manufacturing of materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper in diameters ranging from 0.1875″ to 2.250″ within exacting ±.0005″ tolerances. Our large, state of the art facility houses 40 multi-spindle screw machines, as well as 15 additional rotary transfer machines, turning centers, broaches, and lathes. Able to execute multiple machining operations sequentially from a single setup, we also utilize automated bar feeding equipment and conveyor systems to achieve high speed, continuous production. From thread rolling, milling, cutting, and whirling to boring, drilling, knurling, and slotting, our skilled machinists can produce parts for almost any application.

We operate an advanced quality management program and fabricate parts in compliance with many industry standards, including Mil-Spec, NSF, ANSI, and ASME. Our winning combination of technology, agility, and innovation keeps customers returning to R.F. Mau for their component parts. We are a customer-focused organization and stand behind the integrity of each part we manufacture. To learn more about our services, see below, or contact us today to discuss your specific application.

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