Precision Screw Machining of Brass Valve Stems for the Plumbing Industry

Valve stems are a common component in fluid flow systems; when worn or deformed, they can be a critical point of failure. To avoid these problems, a customer in the plumbing industry called R.F. Mau Company to manufacture their valve stems.

As experts in the manufacture of these parts, we understood the reliability requirements that would insure a long service life for the intended application. To do this, however, both mating pieces must fit perfectly. The thin wall sections had to be specially handled to prevent nicks and dents. In addition, critical secondary operation fixtures critical to the overall product quality had to be developed.

Per customer request, we machined these parts from CDA 360 brass. Our multi-spindle screw machines allowed rapid production and enabled us to maintain precision dimensional tolerances critical to the long-term performance of the part. The pieces were deburred to remove any microscopic debris left after machining. Dimensional and gage inspections, conducted in accordance with our stringent quality program, ensured all specifications were met.

Understanding our customers’ needs is one reason we enjoy repeat business. If you would like to learn more about this project, or how our precision screw machining services can improve the quality of your critical parts, contact us today.

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