The Top 4 Reasons to Work with R.F. Mau in 2019

Now that we’ve entered Q1 of 2019, many purchasing managers and procurement teams are in the throes of developing savings plans, finalizing cost reduction strategies, and negotiating prices with suppliers.

Supplier evaluation, diversification, and consolidation are also on the rise as American-based manufacturing firms consider looking to alternative domestic sources in light of the “tariff war” and its negative consequences.

If this sounds like you, and if you are in the process of looking for domestic precision machining suppliers of brass, copper, and/or aluminum alloys, why not consider a U.S.-based company like R.F. Mau Co.?

Here are the top four reasons to work with R.F. Mau in 2019:

1) A large domestic footprint with over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space

The R.F. Mau footprint consists of three buildings located right next door to one another in Lincolnwood, Illinois. Consequently, we have production capacity for current and long-term expansion and growth. Our bank of New Britain, Euroturn and Tornos Multi-Spindle screw machines is complemented by Haas, Daewoo, and MSO secondary machines. This makes R.F. Mau both perfectly equipped to fulfill your manufacturing needs and ready to handle your most demanding parts, both now and in the future.

2) Proven stability and longevity

Since 1936, R.F. Mau Co. has continued to expand our service offerings, and remained a constant, stable enterprise with the ability to serve our customers’ requirements. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification reflects our commitment to quality and process improvement. You can count on R.F. Mau as being a reliable and steady American partner for a wide array of parts ranging from brass faucet aerators to brass male swivels and aluminum rod inserts.

3) Purchasing power through mill direct sourcing

R.F. Mau Co. is a bit different from other manufacturers in our industry in that we do not purchase our brass or aluminum from overseas mills. Since we work with domestic suppliers, our material prices aren’t negatively affected by the recent overseas tariff issues.

Equally important, since we purchase directly from domestic mills, Mau Co. enjoys some of the lowest raw material pricing in the industry. This translates to offering our customers far better pricing than our competitors. Further, as our competitors struggle to find floor space, our 70,000 sq. ft. facility gives us the ability to maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials and finished goods.

4) Access to labor

A major concern for many companies is the lack of skilled tradesmen in the workplace. This shortage is increasingly the single largest problem facing US manufacturers today, as machinists retire and companies struggle to fill these roles.

This labor shortage is very real; for example, in July 2018, Jeff Cox from CNBC reported how hard it was for employers to “fin[d] qualified employees to fill a record 6.7 million job openings.”

In many ways, R.F. Mau Co. is perfectly positioned as a sustainable solution for an aging workforce.

Here’s how…

Over twenty years ago, Mau Co. embarked on a comprehensive in-house training program, developing young talent through rigorous hands-on apprenticeships. This investment has resulted in a highly-skilled team of experienced craftsmen who understand the importance of passing along their own trade skills to the next generation. Make no mistake – not everyone makes the grade. We learned early on that it takes a good person to become a great machinist. We like to think our machining experts reflect that philosophy.


With a large domestic manufacturing footprint, proven longevity, purchasing power through mill-direct sourcing, and sustainable access to labor, R.F. Mau is here to fill your 2019 precision machined parts requirements.

For more information about how we can be a resource for you this year, we invite you to contact us directly or request a custom quote for your brass, aluminum, or specialty copper alloy precision parts.